At Aksharam, we deliver transformation and technology services from ideation to execution, enabling clients to outperform the competition. Our agile and collaborative approach helps deliver customized solutions and create strategic assets for the clients.

Our team and processes are nurtured to bring together the depth of thought leadership, customer commitment, and execution excellence all directed to make a difference to business with technology.

We help create businesses that are connected, open, intelligent and scalable by collaborating with industry expertise, platform technology excellence, design thinking-led innovation, and strategic engagement models to deliver sustained long term value to customers.

Engagement Models:

We offer a spectrum of engagement models to suit your business needs depending on the nature of your product, finances and time available.

  • Project Based: Once the project requirements are shared, our team provides a time and cost estimation. The agile and sprint methodologies are adapted to deliver project phases within stipulated budget and time.
  • Dedicated Resources: Based on project requirements, developers and tech leads are engaged in the project.
  • Fixed Price: Relevant for pre-determined business solutions that are delivered as per the specified schedules and requirements without any customization in services or prices.
  • Time and Material: When the requirements and scope are constantly evolving, this model provides flexibility to alter project requirements on an ongoing basis to meet the latest market trends.


Web Development - 12 years
Mobile App Development - 11 years
UI/UX Services - 9 years
Project Management - 10 years


Welcome to Aksharam Solutions.

Aksharam symbolizes the imperishable and we believe in developing long-term partnerships both with our clients and employees. We adopt the client first philosophy and ensure that client objectives are achieved with the highest level of capability, assurance and service delivery to the next level of performance. We have been instrumental in delivering numerous solutions that make a difference.

Our progressive thinking and creative approach guide us to build better solutions. Aksharam’s corporate culture is defined by a set of values that define how we operate; collaborative approach, expert thinking, perpetual dedications and talent, and team building.

We are committed to provide services in a responsive, high-quality manner and strive to build client/consultant relationships that are mutually rewarding.

Whether you’re a prospective customer with a challenging project ahead; an existing customer looking for new solutions or a partner, supplier or future employee looking for new opportunities, I trust you’ll find answers to all your queries.


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Collaborative Approach

As the word Aksharam symbolises the beginning, we believe in developing long-term partnerships both with our clients and employees. The individual perspectives are encouraged and respected to drive innovation and growth.

Expert Thinking

Our technical expertise and forward-looking perspectives guide us not only to solve client challenges but also to make recommendations and provide expert guidance to them.

Perpetual Dedication

We passion to provide solutions to the clients motivates us to embrace tough challenges and continue until the goal is achieved.

Talent and Team Building

We believe that leadership exists at all levels and work towards developing technical and people skills to make our team future ready